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iphoneos-arm: 1.0.15-beta-11, 1.0.15-beta-12, 1.0.15-beta-13
Should be used only by IArrays products. This is closed library and no support is provided for this package.


Auto SlilentMe

iphoneos-arm: 1.0.1-beta-4
Forgot each time when you walk into a meeting room and silent your device? Embarrassed when your device rings and everybody stares at you in the middle of a discussion? Well then this little tweak is for you!! Just install it then leave the rest to it. Works tightly with your calendar application and silent (reduce the noice till the very minimum level) your device based on your meetings in the calendar.

Battery Notifier

iphoneos-arm: 1.0.0-beta-2, 1.0.0-beta-3, 1.0.0-beta-4
A simple tweak that throws a notification alert when a connected bluetooth device's power is low.

Bio Locker

iphoneos-arm: 1.15.0-beta-1, 1.15.0-beta-2, 1.15.0-beta-3
Simple, light weight and elegant locker for your apps.

CallLogPro (iOS 14 to 8)

iphoneos-arm: 14.2-beta-5, 14.2-beta-6, 15.0-beta-1
Now with iOS 14.X support along with A13/12 devices. CallLogPro allows to manage your calls history and to delete call records one by one or all. This works on all iOS versions starting from 8.0.

Copic 2

iphoneos-arm: 1.14.2-beta-10, 1.14.2-beta-8, 1.14.2-beta-9
The new Copic 2 is totally redesigned, optimized and rebuilt from the scratch. Now brings the ability to display the Contact pictures everywhere on your iPhone.Integrates seamlessly with stock Contacts, FaceTime, Mail, Messages and Phone apps. It integrates with locks screen and Notification Center and display the contact pictures for missed calls and text. Brings ability to turn on or off monograms or show rounded or rectangular images and many more features.

Copic For WhatsApp

iphoneos-arm: 1.14.2-beta-10, 1.14.2-beta-11, 1.14.2-beta-9
Copic For WhatsApp brings ability to display the Contact pictures in Whatsapp standard views such Favorites, Recents, Contact and Chat screens. Please ensure that you install Copic 2 before installing this tweak. Requires Copic 2 and all settings of this plugin can be configured under Copic's settings.

Delete Contact

iphoneos-arm: 1.14-beta-3, 1.15-beta-1
Now supports iOS 14! Delete Contact allows to delete contacts from your address book. This little tweak adds a trash icon to Contact and Mobile Phone application's contacts screen. And also it allows group delete of contacts and works with all your iDevices.

IArrays Localizations

iphoneos-arm: 1.0-beta-3
This tweak intended to support localization of IArrays's tweaks. Aimed to make the localization support easy for all our tweaks.

Message Groups

iphoneos-arm: 1.0.5-beta-2
Message Groups is developed to organize conversations in Messages app. It provides an ability to divide your conversations into categories just like your wish. The possibilities are endless. By default Message Groups creates list of default groups for you, by name they are All, All Groups, Favorites and Unknown. This provides a flexibility for you to switch between different list of conversations easily. Also Message Groups has an ability to set 'Password' protection (requires TouchID) to newly creating groups. This provides excellent flexibility to you protecting certain conversations being visible to others. What else do you want? Drop a note if you need more features.


iphoneos-arm: 1.14.2-beta-1
ShareMe is a new little tweak that allows you to generate report history from your iDevice’s standard apps. For example, from Messages you can generate/import conversations into a PDF, CSV or Text file. Right now this little tweak supports Messages, Phone and FaceTime.


iphoneos-arm: 1.14-beta-4, 1.15-beta-1, 1.15-beta-2
The way Apple should have done it, but do not worry. We have done it for you. Choose a way how to call or text while using eSim/dual sim iPhones.


iphoneos-arm: 2.14.5-beta-7, 2.14.5-beta-9, 2.15.0-beta-1
No clue who is calling you and don't know whom you missed? Don't worry, now this all in one perfect caller ID solution will make your life is more simple. Just install this and TrueCaller or NumBuster! or ShowCaller on your device and just start searching the calls from stack apps like Phone, Messages & Notification Center and even from the CallLogPro.

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