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iphoneos-arm: 5.22.0



iphoneos-arm: 1.0.0-1
Remove iOS passcodes over SSH. Compatible with iOS 5.0 - iOS 8.1.2. DOES NOT WORK IN SAFESTRAT ENVIRONMENT YET.

Stashing for iOS 9.2 - 10.2

iphoneos-arm: 1.5.0, 1.5.1
Stash 3rd party components to make more space for them!

SCP and SFTP for dropbear

iphoneos-arm: 1.0.2
Add SCP and SFTP for use with dropbear SSH server. (Useful with Yalu jailbreaks).


Modern Badges

iphoneos-arm: 3.0
Who said ClassicBadges needed to be Classic?

CustomClock Example

iphoneos-arm: 1.1.0
An example theme for the CustomClock feature of ThemeLib.

Status Bar Example Theme

iphoneos-arm: 1.0
An example status bar theme for use with Anemone

WordArt + ReverseGradients

iphoneos-arm: 1.1
A minimal theme to fix iOS 7+'s icons using a combination of WordArt and Reverse Gradient icons


Classic Apps

iphoneos-arm: 0.0.1-24
An awesome MobileSubstrate tweak!

Classic Fonts

iphoneos-arm: 0.0.1-9
An awesome MobileSubstrate tweak!

ClassicDock Non-Themes

iphoneos-arm: 2.0-3
ClassicDock for users who do not wish to have a theming engine installed.

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