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This is a list of Cydia (apt) repositories containing software and tweaks for jailbroken iOS/iPadOS devices.

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The BigBoss Repository is a default installation on all jailbroken devices with Cydia. It offers a wide range of categories including add-ons, carrier bundles, data storage, education, entertainment, fonts, games, keyboard, messaging, multimedia, navigation, productivity, ringtones, security, terminal support, themes, utilities, widgets, and more. It is compatible with iOS 4 up to the latest iOS 15 and provides access to thousands of add-ons, including Siri, DreamBoard, ControlCenter, Spotlight, and more.

Repo URL: http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/


10 packages

Sileo is a modern package manager for iOS 12 to iOS 15 that allows users to browse and install jailbreak packages, such as apps, tweaks, and themes, from different repositories. It offers an easy-to-use alternative to Cydia with a clean and intuitive interface.

Repo URL: https://repo.getsileo.app/


7 packages

Zebra is a fast package manager for jailbroken iOS devices that is packed with amazing features. It is highly efficient compared to Cydia when refreshing repositories or installing tweaks and supports all devices running iOS 9 up to iOS 16. It has also been updated to support Palera1n. Once installed, you can easily transfer community sources from popular package managers like Cydia, Sileo, and Installer with just one tap.

Repo URL: https://getzbra.com/repo/


7 packages

AppTapp Installer 5 is a package manager that is a great Cydia alternative for all jailbroken devices. It is packed with many features, works fast, and is frequently updated with new features. Installer 5 supports iOS 11 through iOS 16.

Repo URL: https://apptapp.me/repo/


106 packages

Dynastic is a jailbreak repository offering access to a variety of free and paid tweaks, themes, and apps for iOS devices. It is also the official source for AltDeamon, an app that allows you to sign IPA files on your device with AltStore. Some of the popular packages available from Dynastic include SnapBack, Succession, Aperio, ShortLook, SnowBoard, Scorpion, and Gesto.

Repo URL: https://repo.dynastic.co/


816 packages

Twickd is a popular tweak store that offers access to both paid and free packages. It is a Cydia Source that contains a variety of packages, including NoClutter, QuickLS, Ainsworth, Aiir Status Bar, April, 3DBadgeClear, and many others. With Twickd, you can create an account and purchase tweaks and other packages created by the jailbreak community.

Repo URL: https://repo.twickd.com/


506 packages

Havoc is a new repository that was launched as the successor to Packix. It offers access to a wide variety of free and paid Cydia tweaks and apps for jailbroken devices. Some of the popular packages available from Havoc Repo include PortraitXI, Minotaur, Viola theme, Snapper 2, PowerModule, AnimationsBeFastPlus, Vibrato, BackupAZ 4, Boxy 4, ReProvision Reborn, and many others.

Repo URL: https://havoc.app/


503 packages

Chariz repo is a Cydia Source that offers a wide range of applications, development libraries, system tools, themes, tweaks, and utilities for jailbroken devices. It includes both free and paid packages, and some of the popular tweaks that have been released through Chariz include Aemulo, SignalReborn, Appaze, Sleepizy, Veza, kai, QuickActions, Dayn, Viper, and the Goji theme, among others.

Repo URL: https://repo.chariz.com/


1 package

Satoh is the developer behind ReProvision Reborn, which is an IPA signing tool for iOS versions 9 to 14. This tool allows you to sign and install IPA files directly on your iPhone. Satoh played a key role in fixing and reviving the ReProvision project, and the repository for this tool can be found on Satoh's website.

Repo URL: https://repo.satoh.dev/


30 packages

Pixelomer is an iOS developer who has released over 25 packages in his repository. This Cydia Source contains a variety of system tweaks and utilities, and the most popular tweak available through this repo is TweakReviewsDB. This tweak allows users to write and read reviews of other tweaks, providing a way for users to share their experiences with different packages.

Repo URL: https://repo.pixelomer.com/


45 packages

Haoict repository offers a selection of 17 free tweaks for your iOS device. Among these, you'll find the following two: Iconcert 14 and Kill All Apps. In addition to these, we've also released several tweaks that allow you to disable ads in popular apps like Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and TikTok. Whether you're looking to enhance your device's functionality or just want to get rid of those pesky ads, Haoict has you covered.

Repo URL: https://haoict.github.io/cydia/


118 packages

The ichitaso repository is a fantastic source for free tweaks for your iOS device. You'll find a variety of useful and interesting tweaks here, including vnodebypass, TransparentDock13, QuickWiFi, PrimalFolders 2, PowerSelector, OTADisabler, FiveIconDock13, Exsto, and a jailbroken version of AltStore. These tweaks offer a range of features, from customizing your device's appearance to optimizing its performance. Check out the ichitaso repository for these and many more great tweaks.

Repo URL: https://cydia.ichitaso.com/


433 packages

Repo URL: https://sparkdev.me/

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