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KlutchKyles's Repo

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Packages in KlutchKyles's Repo repository:



iphoneos-arm: 0.0.4
Just a widget. Pretty useful isn't it? Depends on XenHTML and XenInfo.


iphoneos-arm: 0.4.0
Panel lock screen widget for Xen Html with color matching text!

KlutchKyle Repo Icons

iphoneos-arm: 1.0
Icons for KlutchKyle's Repo

Rocket Battery

iphoneos-arm: 0.2
Rocket League Boost like Battery Gauge!

Rocket Clock

iphoneos-arm: 0.5
Rocket League like clock for XenHTML


iphoneos-arm: 1.1.3
Dynamic wallpaper blur widget for Xen Html


iphoneos-arm: 1.2.6
Windows 10 like lock screen for XenHTML

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