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Kotyan Cydia Repo

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Packages in Kotyan Cydia Repo repository:

Addons (Zeppelin)

Zeppelin Finder Logo

iphoneos-arm: 1.0
Finder logo for Zeppelin like Kotyan!


ProTube Extension JP

iphoneos-arm: 1.1-2
ProTube Extension for YouTube 's Japanese translation.



iphoneos-arm: 7.0b-4
Spread iPhone iPad VM size.

Signal Numericalize

iphoneos-arm: 1.0.2
This changes from signal indication to number indication.


Clear Statusbar Cache

iphoneos-arm: 1.0
Clear old cache files of status bar. This is useful when you apply WinterBoard theme.

Disable Wallpaper Gradation

iphoneos-arm: 1.0
Disable wallpaper gradation on lock and home screen.

FakeClockUp -Kai-

iphoneos-arm: 1.2
FakeClockUp accelerates UIKit transition animation.

Fix NC Weather

iphoneos-arm: 1.0
Fix weather doesn't appear on Notification Center.

Remove CSSC Sound

iphoneos-arm: 1.1.3
Remove sound of camera shutter and sound control.

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